GI_Forum 2012: Geovisualization, society and learning

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Inspiring keynote speakers, excellent presentations and stimulating social events were just a few highlights that contributed to the success of GI_Forum 2012: With over 1000 participants from 41 countries, the conference organizers of GI_Forum and AGIT received an overwhelming positive response from its growing, vibrant GI community. The 6th Geoinformatics Forum (July 3-6, 2012), co-located with the highly regarded annual German language conference on Applied Geoinformatics (AGIT), was once again organized by the Centre of Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) at the University of Salzburg, Institute of GIScience at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the German University of Technology in Oman. It offered full-fledged, intertwined tracks on GIScience & Technology and Learning with focus on geovisualization, society and learning, and their inter-relationship.

High Quality Presentations

The programme committee selected over 60 contributions to be presented as paper sessions, in discussion sessions, poster presentations as well as in the “Young Researcher Forum”. These presentation formats facilitated the exchange of experience and enhanced discussion among presenters and audience and provided a platform for interaction between young and well established researchers. The programme comprised not only presentations organised in 21 sessions but also keynotes and a poster session. Together with numerous social events these created a stimulating environment for social networking.

Young Researcher Forum

In the context of the GI-Forum this year the first “Young Researchers’ Forum” took place on July 2/3, 2012. This forum offered PhD students a unique possibility to present and discuss their research plans. In those two days the students received feedback, and had the possibility to exchange comments and views on their doctoral research in an inspiring academic community of PhD students, experienced researchers – including keynote speakers from the GI-Forum – and faculty members of the GIScience Doctoral College at the University of Salzburg, Austria, the European Marie-Curie ITN CHANGES, and the Doctorate School in Global Change Science and Policy (ChangeS), Italy.

Keynote Speakers 2012

– Georg Gartner, Vienna University of Technology: “Cartography 2020”

– Sara Irina Fabrikant, University of Zurich: “Creating geovisual analytics displays that work”

– Alan M. MacEachren, Pennsylvania State University: “Geovisualization to Geovisual Analytics: Visual Reasoning with Big & Messy Data”

– Muki Haklay, University College London: “Making geographical information usable: computers, interfaces and people”

– Dan Sui, Ohio State University: “Crowdsourcing geographic knowledge: VGI, Open GIS, and the future of GIScience research and education”