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Special Session:
Big Earth Data - From Data to Information


With the ever-increasing availability of open Earth observation (EO) data, big data issues arise in the remote sensing community. New tools, methods and workflows for managing and selecting data, processing in cloud-based environments, understanding images and pro¬ducing information, and portrayal of results are required. The special session Big Earth Data at the GI_Forum explores challenges and opportunities coming with the massive volume, variety and velocity of the data.
In the unique setting at our annual AGIT/GI_Forum conference, where research meets industry and applications, this workshop will offer a platform for discussing topics around geospatial information production from EO image data. We are looking for original contributions from research & development, practical applications but also service and infrastructure providers.

Information: Call for Papers (as pdf-file)


Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Earth observation big data handling and data selection
  • Semantics / feature and information extraction
  • Innovative concepts of time series analysis
  • Remote processing platforms and connections to public and private big data initiatives
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems


Martin SUDMANNS, Stefan LANG, Dirk TIEDE
Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS | University of Salzburg, Austria
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